Eating Contest!

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Hey Reader!

“Ultramarathons are eating and drinking contests with a little exercise and scenery thrown in” - Chris McDougall

To run far, you’ve got to keep your body fueled. Many of you know the struggle of keeping food down during an ultra.

I thought I’d share some of what is working for me now for fueling and what I plan on using for the Moab 240. The plan is to consume around 60g of carbs and 200-250 calories an hour mostly from the nutrition below.

However, I will be eating a lot of real food at the aid stations and carrying some with me on the trail.

You’ll notice that I’ll have some options for each category! Hopefully, this will help with pallet fatigue. (you know…when you just can’t stand the taste of something anymore) Also, if one fuel source decides to upset my stomach, I can switch things up.

Liquid Nutrition - My 2-liter bladder will be water only. My 4 additional 500ml bottles will have a combination of the following:

  • Tailwind - (200 cal, 50g carbs) If you’ve listened to the podcast, you know that I used Tailwind for the Tahoe 200 back in 2018 and haven’t been able to stomach it since. Well, after some testing during this training block, I’ve been able to fuel with it once again! It’s great because it’ll be available at the aid stations, eliminating some of what I’ll have to carry.
  • Skratch Super Fuel - This stuff is great! 400 calories and 100g carbs in a 500ml bottle! Yes, please!
  • SIS Go Electrolyte Orange (150 calories, 37g carbs) - The orange flavor is awesome! It tastes great!
  • INFINIT Go Far Endurance Fuel (280 calories, 66g carbs) - Good flavor and packs a calorie punch in a 500ml bottle.


  • Maurten (100 cal, 25g carbs)
  • Spring Energy - Mostly Awesome Sauce (185cal, 45g carbs) - Available at the race

“Real” Food

  • Rice Crispy Treats
  • Coke
  • Rice, egg, sausage balls. (Jennifer is making these for me to carry)
  • Various Cliff Bars
  • Burgers and other Aid station fare
  • Starbucks Frap

That's the plan, anyway! We'll see how it goes!

So, what are you eating on your long runs? I love hearing what works for everyone. What works for you?

Pressing on,


P.S. The Moab 240 starts on Friday at Noon (MST)! You can track the race by going to I'll be bib #198.

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